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Austin Air Conditioner – Freon ServiceDrain & Air Rescue is your Austin AC Freon Service Technician

Freon is to an air conditioning unit as what gas is to an automobile; one cannot function without the other. The main purpose of an air conditioning system is to regulate the air flow in a room. The temperature adjustment results in cooling the air if the atmosphere is too hot. Regardless of how fancy or expensive the unit is, the freon is like the life-blood because it is the coolant that is used to cool the air. To ensure optimum satisfaction from your Austin air conditioning unit, it must be regularly serviced, repaired and maintained. Otherwise, air and freon can escape, causing the unit to malfunction and your electricity bill to increase.

Drain & Air Rescue specializes in ensuring that your crucial, Austin air conditioner performs as it should.

They will arrive at your home and first perform an assessment. The visit includes examining the air ducts and home insulation by running the required tests. The tests will reveal hot and cold spots where air is allowed to escape. After testing the air quality, they will clean all dirty ducts and affirm that the home is properly insulated. This will ensure that indoor air cannot escape through openings that lead to the outside. Following the necessary duct inspection and duct cleaning, freon will be supplied to the unit.

Electricity bills can irregularly escalate during the summer months due to dirty air ducts leading to the unit, insufficient freon, or a poorly insulated house. So, there are great benefits to having regular servicing and preventative maintenance performed on an Austin air conditioning system. The benefits are cost-effective and will result in high-quality performance of your ac unit and provide comfort for you and your loved ones. The more energy-efficient your ac unit is, the less fuel it burns and the lower your monthly bills will be.

Time for your AC unit’s freon service? Contact Drain & Air Rescue, your Austin air conditioner professionals, today at 512-328-2000.

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