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Austin Air Duct Cleaning, Repair, & Maintenance Services

Having good air quality in your home is vital to your health and the continued efficiency of your air conditioner. Our certified technicians are experts at improving the air quality in your home through Austin air duct services, including:

Duct Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, Optimization.

If you need an Indoor Air Quality expert for Austin Air Duct Cleaning Services, then you have come to the right place.

Austin Ductwork Cleaning Service - Is Your Air Healthy

Without the proper maintenance of your air ducts, you can experience the following:

    • - Blockage from dust, particles, and other small items that greatly decrease airflow and lead to higher energy bills by an average of 25%
    • - Bacteria, up to five times more contaminating than outdoor air, can become trapped and spread throughout your home
    • - Hot or cold spots can develop throughout your home due to inefficient duct cleaning & placement
    • - Increased risk of a potential fire hazard
    • - Increased odors and allergens that aggravate sinuses and can cause serious health problems

Air ducts are your homes’ air circulation system.

Air Ductwork Components by EPA.govWhen dirt, debris, vermin, and other foreign materials clog the ducts, your system won’t function properly. In addition, these air contaminants can cause health problems, such as, coughing, sneezing, stuffed noses, watery eyes, and other more serious ailments. And to make matters worse, these pollutants come from both inside and outside your home. Odors from smokers or pets in your home can also aggravate any existing health problems. As evidence of this and according to an Environmental Protection Agency Report, indoor air is up to five times more contaminating than outdoor air. Many contaminants are so small you can’t see them with the naked eye. Our Austin AC air duct professionals have the experience and tools to solve any air duct issues. When Drain & Air Rescue performs Air Duct Cleaning services in your home, we inspect and clean out your home’s air ducts so they are free of dirt and dust particles during our inspection. This service alone will improve indoor air quality.

Austin HVAC Air Duct Repair & Cleaning Service

When we complete duct cleaning or repair service on your home, we first connect and insert a high-powered vacuum into your ducts and remove all particles and atmospheric soil, as well as other debris from your system. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians clean all your registers, plus the inside of your circulating air, and heating systems. To be thorough, we also recommend cleaning the coils inside your heating and air conditioning systems. And if necessary, we’ll seal your ducts, in order to extend the life of your HVAC systems.

Duct cleaning breathes new life into your home.

And other duct repairs, such as sealing holes, can put money in your pocket!

For one thing, a clean duct system helps your heating and cooling system work more efficiently and can even reduce your energy bill. What ’s more important, Austin duct cleaning also eliminate potentially hazardous airborne odors, and protect you and your family’s health.

Austin Ductwork Cleaning Services

Fire prevention officials report that clean ducts also significantly reduce fire hazards in your home. A properly maintained and functioning duct system also reduces your heated or cooled air loss an average of 25%. Experts say to be on the safe side, be sure your ducts are cleaned at least every three years.

In certain situations, your home may even need air duct replacement. Drain & Air Rescue can help you with that too. Call us today at (512) 328-2000 for one of our Austin Indoor Air Quality experts to examine your air ducts for efficiency, and perform Austin duct cleaning the right way, and help ensure you are getting the most out of your heating and cooling system.

Is it time to for your home’s air duct cleaning and maintenance check up? Call Drain & Air Rescue, your Austin Air Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality experts, today at (512) 328-2000.


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