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Austin Gas Log Fireplace Services

Looking to convert your fireplace to gas logs and enjoy a more convenient and & effective method of heating?

Fireplace Gas Logs Austin Texas

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Tired of cleaning soot, chopping wood, worrying about children playing around the fire, and working on trying to keep the fire going consistently? Then you should convert your fireplace to a new gas log system will alleviate all of these issues and are also much cleaner, safer, and easier to use. Not only do they provide a lovely visual, they bring a consistent warmth to your room that can be turned on and off with a flick of a switch, while being safer for you and the environment.

Gas logs are the ultimate choice for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of heat. With modern technologies, you can have a gas log fire that looks almost exactly like a real wood burning fire without the soot and ash of a traditional wood burning setup. If you are considering making the conversion, Drain & Air Rescue has  Austin’s best gas log fireplace installation technicians available to install the system into your existing fireplace.

Austin Gas Log Fireplace Repair Service by Drain Air Rescue

By calling Drain & Air Rescue, we provide multiple options of gas log fireplaces to suit your specific needs. If you are looking for a closed damper system, we are experts and know all the minor differences and what’s available. Of course, if you have an existing fireplace and want to install a gas line for a vented log system, we understand every step in that installation process as well and can safely equip your home with a new gas log fireplace.

Drain & Air Rescue has many years of experience with gas fireplace log installation in Austin and we always work quickly to minimize the time taken away from your normal routine.

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Real Fyre Premium Gas Log Fireplace Systems

We are a Real Fyre dealer of premium gas log fireplace systems by RH Peterson. To view the full Real Fyre catalog in PDF format, click here. Each of these gas log fireplaces are extremely high quality and built to last offering you convenient and comforting fireplace heating for a long time. Look below to see some of the best selling gas log systems.

Once you have found your favorite model, please give us a call to place your order, we will ship anywhere in the U.S.

Classic Series Gas Log Fireplaces

Real Fyre “Classic Series” Gas Log Systems

For a classic look Real Fyre created the classic series. This series includes 6 unique and classic gas log fireplace models to choose from.

view catalog


Charred Series Gas Log Fireplaces

Real Fyre “Charred Series” Gas Log Fireplaces

For a resilient charred look, the Charred Series offers great systems. Real Fyre created 17 unique charred designs for its charred series. view catalog


Designer Gas Logs

Real Fyre “Designer Series” Gas Logs

For a classic look Real Fyre created the classic series. This series includes 6 unique and classic gas log fireplace models to choose from.

view catalog

Austin Gas Fireplace Repair & Maintenance Services

Already Have Gas Fireplace Logs Installed?

Though they are much more convenient and don’t require nearly as much upkeep as wood burning fireplaces, they do need regular maintenance and cleaning performed at least once a year to ensure your gas log fireplace is working to product specifications. Our team of Austin Heating Experts are able to diagnose problems or can provide a full range of maintenance services. With our thorough inspections, we check the pilot assembly, the igniter, the electric system, the glass, the gaskets, the logs, your remote control, the glowing embers, gas leaks, blower, main burner, switch, thermostat, and the flue spillage if necessary.

If you haven’t maintained your gas fireplace then you may experience problems such as a failing pilot light. Our team has to quickly handle you gas fireplace pilot light repair in Austin and return your fireplace to proper working order. Drain & Air Rescue provides gas log maintenance services for all types and brands of gas log fireplaces so you can rest assured knowing that Drain & Air has your back for all Austin gas log fireplace services.


Time for your annual gas log fireplace’s maintenance?

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