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Austin Water Heater Repair Service

Austin Water Heater Repair Maintenance & Installation Services

Hot water is a hard thing to go without. Your water heater works hard to keep warm water flowing from your faucets but it can occasionally break and cause problems. Like any appliance, your water heater requires consistent maintenance to give you a lifetime of proper performance. Drain & Air Rescue provides all forms of water heater service and will show up when you need us.

Our Water Heater Services Will Improve Performance & Help You Avoid Repairs!

Drain & Air technicians are trained to maintain, repair and/or replace all types of Austin water heaters. The recommendation to replace or repair your water heater will be based on your water use, the age and capacity of existing units, and the nature of existing damage. An old and inefficient water heater will only cause frustration and unnecessary costs on your utility bills. You should seriously consider having your Austin water heater inspected and analyzed by a licensed plumber to see if there is any opportunity for improvements.


Protect Your Water Heater From Thermal Expansion

To really protect your water heater you should consider having a Thermal Expansion Tank installed. Thermal expansion is what happens to your water heater when the internal temperature rises and the water molecules begin to expand. When the water in the tank expands the tank has to expand with it and that’s when problems can occur.¬†When dangerous pressures build up in a water heater, internal parts may begin to fail, such as the internal fittings, flues, or water connections.

Example of a Thermal Expansion Tank we recently installed:
Austin Water Heater Repair - Thermal Expansion Tank

If your water heater is getting noisy, not heating, or you know it is overdue for maintenance, please call the Austin water heater repair experts at (512) 328-2000 today!

Water Heater Maintenance Tip:

Call Drain & Air Rescue To Solve Any of Your Austin Water Heater Problems (512) 328-2000!


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